Freelance Writer

I’m a freelance writer, and I help people in two ways:

1. Journalism

As a journalist, I profile people and places, write interviews and editorials. I tend to spotlight the obscure, the absurd, and the honest. I'm interested in rural America, urban underclasses, fringe society, outsiders and artists, and the convergence of pop culture, politics, and digital media. If your publication could benefit from a nuanced and slanted narrative (and nearly all publications can), I can help.

2. Communications

I help creatives, artists, small businesses, non-profits, and unassuming entrepreneurs build communities and make sales without sounding like over-aggressive dicks. I do this through meaningful and transparent PR, branding, content and copywriting, and social media and email marketing. I also build Squarespace websites.


To discuss a project, use this Contact form or email me at mail[at]



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Websites and Copywriting

Jake Buntjer
Utah Girls Love You
Touchstones Journal


"Ryan has a way with words that comes across perfectly for marketing copy. He's direct and understands value. Then he chooses the words that will communicate to the target audience perfectly."

—Sam Lloyd, CEO at Gromode

"I recommend Ryan to anyone who would like to have their website content written. His writing is very professional and Ryan always has the project complete on his expected timeline."

—Mark DuBois, VP at Advertising-Direct

"I would highly recommend Ryan for any position that requires excellent writing abilities. Ryan is extremely meticulous about writing prose that is precise and concise. He is a wordsmith in editing challenges which require a high degree of articulation. Ryan is also an excellent storyteller, in maintaining a complete and cohesive narrative."

—Richard Markosian, Editor at Utah Stories